The Faculty of Philosophy and Literature is one of the most important institutions in Latin America and worldwide in the fields of teaching, research and promotion of humanistic knowledge. The Faculty is a community that’s characterized by its vitality; its professors have received numerous national and international prizes, and many of them belong to the National Researchers System, the most important institution for the support of research in Mexico; its classrooms have been filled with world-class professionals and thinkers who are renowned for their social and critical spirit. Its humanists, who have, through their disciplines and studies, developed multiple skills, can exercise their knowledge in many social spaces, where they contribute to the generation of culture.

Because of this, the National Autonomous University of Mexico has been recognized in multiple occasions in the field of humanities. In 2009, it was given the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities, and year after year, it appears among the top spots in the international rankings that evaluate universities.

Located in the north of Ciudad Universitaria, the central university campus, it neighbors the Central library and the Faculty of Law. Its current location was established in 1954 when Ciudad Universitaria was inaugurated, but it is the heir of a long tradition in Mexican humanities that is consolidated everyday in the life of the Faculty. Currently, the Faculty has expanded, too, to a new building named after philosopher Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez, which is located next to the Union of Universities in Latin America and the Caribbean, and behind the Olympic Stadium.