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Gloria Villegas Moreno

Dr. Villegas Moreno received her PhD in History from the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at UNAM, where she has been a full-time professor since 1966. She has spoken, provided commentary and given conferences in over a hundred national and international academic meetings. Her publications include Emilio Rabasa. Su visión Histórico-política [Emilio Rabasa: his historical-political vision]; Constituyente de 1916-1917; En torno a la democracia. El debate político en México. 1901-1916 [On democracy: the political debate in Mexico, 1901-1916]; México: liberalismo y modernidad. Rostros, voces y alegorías ­ [Mexico: liberalism and modernity. Faces, voices and allegories], which was awarded the Antonio García Cubas prize in 2004. Many of her activities have focused on the promotion of historical knowledge and reflection: she has participated in TV and radio interviews and shows, historical tours, journalistic collaborations, screenplays for historical videos, and virtual recreations. She has coordinated research projects such as “History and politics from the viewpoint of intellectuals” and “National history in political discourse”. She coordinated the graphic research of works such as Así fue la Revolución Mexicana [Such was the Mexican Revolution]. She has also curated many historical exhibits, the most recent one being “Mexico, Liberalism and Modernity”. Among other awards, she has received the National University Prize from UNAM in the area of teaching of the social sciences.

At UNAM, she has previously worked under the following positions: she has been Coordinator of the Historical Archive at UNAM; General Secretary, Academic Secretary and Professors’ Secretary in the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, and History Coordinator at the Colegio de Ciencias y Humanidades. Outside of UNAM, she has served as the Director of the Central Historical Archive of the General Archive of the Nation.