Research projects

The different research projects that are being carried out in our Faculty reflect its rich academic life, and its concern for the problems of our society and culture.


African and Asian philosophy in the roots of precolumbine Mexican thought
Alterity and exclusions. Dictionary for debate
Alternative educational knowledges, subjects and experiences
The Amazonic energy in Latin American geopolitics. The life of energy resources and related infrastructures in Latin America
Antiimperialism and historical discourse in Latin America
“Art+Science” research and creation group


Basic Dictionary of Phonetics
Biographies and autobiographies of Novohispanic nuns
Brazilian literature in Mexico


Classical sources for the rhetorical, philological and humanistic traditions
Cultural geography in Mexico
Climate change and its implications in the conservation of biodiversity in Mexico
Commentaries on literary texts from the Golden Age
Compared Literature at UNAM
Contemporary strategies for the reading of Ancient Greek and Roman texts
The creation and conformation of occupational stages, and of scientific communities and stages in Mexico


Daoism: Contemporary interpretations
Degree completion strategies for the Open and Distance Education System students
Deleuzian thought
Democracy and territory. The construction of identity
Design and production of didactic materials for the teaching of philosophy of education
Design of didactic materials for the teaching of Latin
Design of materials on identity for the teaching of humanities
The development of the Brazilian literature by Antonio Candido. Translation, critical edition, prologue and notes
Development of writing skills in French as a foreign language, at university, through ICTs
Diacronic studies on the different uses and values of “ser” [verb “to be” in Spanish]
Dictionary of the Philosophy of Education
Didactic materials for the teaching of Classic Greek at the Faculty
Didactic materials for the teaching of Modern Greek at the Faculty
Digital Directory of antique collections from Mexico
Digital Library of Novohispanic Thought
Digital tools for the research in humanities


Eros’ symbolic body
Ethical challenges posed by cultural diversity for high-quality citizenship
Ethics and sustainability from complexity
Everybody’s voice. The threadless dream hasn’t been finalized


Faust in the Americas: Alfonso Reyes and culture in the German language
Freud and philosophers
From engineering to academic science in Mexico. The articulation of science-engineering-industry (1880-1970)
The fundamental problems of contemporary ontology, derived from the works of Paul Ricoeur


Geographical analysis of cinematographic materials
Geography, education and social responsibility


Hermeneutics and critique
The history of Aesthetics
History of Mexico’s exterior commerce in the 20th century
History of the Inquisition (16th-19th centuries)
History of the Real Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, 17th-18th centuries
Homeland commemorations. 19th and 20th century Mexico in the works by Martín Luis Guzmán
Humanism in the works of Rodolfo Agrícola


Iconography and sources for the history of theater
Improvements and updating for the teaching of Climatology
The indiscipline of knowledge; debate on multidisciplinarity
Interinstitutional permanent seminar on Comparative Education
Intervention of living organisms: the limits of art in its intersections with science and technology
Women in French literature


Learning activities in the study guides of the Open and Distance Education System in the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature
Literary Theory and Critique Webpage


Materials for the teaching of Sanskrit
Metaphysics of meaning
MORFOLEX. Study of the morphology and vocabulary of the Spanish language
Multidisciplinary research about the antique book
Multidisciplinary seminar on theatrical scenic creation


New commented edition of “Primero Sueño” by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
New perspectives in medieval studies


Online resources center for the study and teaching of Philosophy and Renaissance
Otomangue languages


Permanent seminar of the Marsilio Ficino Group on Renaissance thought studies
Philosophical discourse as a critique
Philosophy 2.0, social networks
Philosophy and Literature
Philosophy in Mexico after Auschwitz
Phraseology (‘Phraseologie’) as a linguistic discipline, and a didactic alternative from classic Latin
Physical geography of the municiples of the State of Michoacán
Physiography and Geoforms of the State of Guerrero (morphogenesis)


Rationalism in metaphysics, semantics and epistemology
Reading “Capital”, theorizing politics: on the recent developments of Latin American marxism (the works of Enrique Dussel, Bolívar Echevería and Álvaro García Linera, from a historical perspective)
Reception and translation of Canadian literature in Mexico
Religiosity and culture
Representation of crime in literary and audiovisual fiction throughout the 19th and 20th centuries
Research processes in cultural diversity


Seminar and reading group on chivalric narrative studies
Seminar on Golden Age studies
Seminar on literary theory and critique
Seminar on minifiction studies
Seminar on musical semiology
Seminar on myths and religion in anthropology and psychoanalysis
Seminar on the history of education and the conformation of urban elites in the Americas, 17th-18th centuries
Seminar on the philosophy of education
Seminar on the written culture of the medieval west: critique and literary analysis
Seminar on translation and poetry
Silence in the scenic creation of actors
Space, Politics and Capital in Latin America
Strategies, methods and technologies for the teaching-learning in higher edcation
Studies on chivalric narrative


Taboo vocabulary in the Spanish language in Mexico
Tantric traditions: philological and philosophical studies
Teaching, creativity and environment in Geography
Theories of subjectivity: from idealism to cognitive sciences
Thinking about the west: 20th century ontologies
The thresholds of modernity. The conflict of secularization in Hans Blumenberg
Transcription of the huehuetlahtolli from “Historia de las Indias de la Nueva España e islas de tierra firme” b Fray Diego Durán and “Crónica Mexicana” by Hernando Alvarado Tezozomoc
The transformation of the concept of reflection in modern philosophy
Translation of women’s poetry in indigenous languages in Mexico and Canada
Translation of medieval texts (in ancient French)


Urban development in Mexico
Urban tracing and landscaping in the native town in the Mixteca Alta
The use of ICT tools in the new study plan of the major in Geography
The use of ICTs in the teaching-learning processes in the major of Education: Psychology and Education III, and Educational Orientation


The Webpage of Novohispanic Studies
Writing and narration in four Franciscan chronicle writers: Motolinía, Mendieta, Torquemada and Tello


Yoga, literature and hagiography in premodern India